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Code Review - 07/13/2021

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Visor was created to solve some main issues within the existing landscape of liquidity mining in DeFi which are discoverability, reputation, programmability, and security of liquidity. These solutions come in the form of a protocol built to mint and interact with NFT Smart Vaults. With this NFT, the user has an enhanced ability to interact with the existing DeFi protocols as usual, but through their NFT. This means that a liquidity rewarding program can require a locking of LP tokens, but instead of depositing the tokens in the project’s smart contract, the user stakes or locks them to their NFT and still gets the rewards.

Visor is an interesting protocol that offers a new approach in the way users interact with DeFi. Despite having few available technical documentation and resources available, the project is pretty robust and the codebase looks solid with an easy-to-use product. Visor is being built by an anonymous group of DeFi veterans who have worked at leading DeFi companies, according to them but not verifiable as they are anonymous, and are working on creating the vision of the next wave of Self-Sovereign Decentralized Finance.

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