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Code Review - 07/13/2021

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AladdinDAO is a protocol designed to leverage DeFi Big Brains, the best and brightest in the industry, to research and analyze opportunities in DeFi and bring them to the broader community. AladdinDAO is a curation game for both people and projects. It is designed to reward diligent industry insiders while simultaneously leveling the playing field so that even casual observers of DeFi can identify the most exciting, rewarding, and trustworthy new protocols. There are three players on the protocol: DeFi projects, these are projects seeking liquidity; DeFi Big Brains, these are DeFi researchers and analysts who curate the best DeFi projects and bring them to the community and finally Yield Farmers, these are DeFi users who participate in various DeFi projects while earning extra rewards farming on Aladdin. The essence of AladdinDAO is a group of committee members, identified as DeFi’s first boule. Boule members are nominated by talent hunters and elected via decentralized governance by ALD token holders. AladdinDAO is a social experiment where the boule members compete to bring the best DeFi yields to the community and then get rewarded the most when they find DeFi projects that bring the most profits to AladdinDAO’s yield farmers.

AladdinDAO is a great project, mixing DAOs and DeFi, two of the most exciting use cases of Blockchain technology and smart contracts. The project is really early, and we are waiting for a release of the app. The codebase is however available, giving hints on the design of the protocol. While the project has pretty good backers such as Alameda or Polychain Capital, the development team looks small according to the available GitHub and the development team is currently staying anonymous, preventing us from checking their background in this type of development.

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