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Code Review - 07/20/2021

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Stone DeFi is a yield management protocol focused on creating “Rock Solid Yield” for all the users in the DeFi ecosystem. It is positioned as the anchor yield aggregation platform that aims to expand the current DeFi yield market and include the yields from the staking assets. As the beginning of yield market is positioned at erc20 assets, which still takes small portion of whole crypto market cap, Stone is uncovering the opportunities of into the phase 2 at the Proof of Stake (“PoS”) assets, and Stone has the vision to be the global yield marketplace with the inclusion of multi-chain PoS assets. To leverage the capability of substrate and Polkadot, Stone is also looking to provide more innovative products based on a wide range of yield-bearing assets to users across multiple blockchains. Expanding from the yield management platform based on Ethereum, Stone is to include the POS tokens such as ETH2.0, Dot, Sol, Rose etc., which will optimize the staking yields to Stone users.

Stone is an ambitious project in what they are trying to build in the long term. In addition to the current ERC20 DeFi landscape, Stone is also aiming to build up the lending and trading market for the liquid POS assets, and with the vision to have yield-based products (“Yield Derivatives’’) such as yield tranches or options by collaborating with selected partners in the DeFi ecosystem. In its current state, the project is not yet where it aims to be in terms of feature and cross chain abilities. Unfortunately, project repositories are not showing that much activity and besides a Synthetix fork, we are still far from the end product the team has in mind. The token STN is trading on both centralized (Huobi) and decentralized (Uniswap) exchanges.

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