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Code Review - 07/27/2021

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Railgun’s goal is to set the new standard in privacy and anonymity for the Ethereum ecosystem. Railgun smart contracts use ZK-SNARK zero-knowledge proofs, advanced cryptography and clever optimizations to keep users actions’ private, without revealing assets, transaction amounts or identity. It allows users to interact with dApps, engage DeFi trades, yield farming or any other smart contract interaction, without revealing the actions made to those who are constantly monitoring the public ledger. They are also developing Railgun DEX to trade assets and transact with other Railgun users, in complete privacy. Similar to Tornado in the principle, Railgun is designed so that every transaction through the Railgun, and every asset held in Railgun, increases the privacy and anonymity of all users. This way, everyone benefits from everyone else’s participation.

As privacy is becoming a more demanded feature on public Blockchains, solutions for it are starting to arise, and Railgun is one of them. The protocol is well-designed and there is definitely an opportunity for Railgun to succeed here with its solution. As the team is going to launch the Public beta in the coming days, we’ll be able to see how using it looks and feels and if they manage to make the user experience easy enough, there is a high chance to see it compete with other similar solutions in the space.

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