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Code Review - 08/03/2021

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Nym was founded in 2018 to build a global privacy infrastructure and contribute to ending the era of surveillance as the default technical and business model of the internet. Nym is an open-source, decentralized and permission less privacy system. It provides full-stack privacy, allowing other applications, services or blockchains to provide their users with strong metadata protection, at both the network level (mixnet), and the application level (anonymous credentials) without the need to build privacy from scratch. The Nym architecture is powered by three main technological advancements: a mixnet, private credentials and incentives.

As privacy is becoming more and more a concern for users, we have seen a huge amount of privacy related projects in the last few months. Nym is one of them and from the look of the available resources, it could become one of the strongest protocols in the space. The team has been actively delivering code for more than a year and half and both the documentation is looking good. With the recent fundraising of $6M, they should be able to accelerate development and be set for mainnet launch before the end of the year. The token is not available to trade yet, but should be minable when mainnet launches.

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