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Code Review - 08/12/2021

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Swipe is a digital wallet application platform that enables users to Swipe and Spend with the branded Visa Card. Swipe also gives users access to buy, sell, and pay with over 20 cryptocurrencies and their bank accounts. Swipe is composed of two main protocols with focuses on bridging cryptocurrency to commerce and to create a multichain/ cross-chain liquidity trading network. Swipechain is a phased layer 2 protocol that enables real-time, cross-chain asset trades and settlements using Swipe Swap, which is an automated market maker. Swipe’s commercial business powers the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges to seamlessly create payment cards that enable realtime asset spending at over 70 million locations worldwide. All the Swipe components are powered by the native SXP token.

Swipe is a major actor in the current cryptocurrencies ecosystem and in the way it connects to the real world. Swipe is powering most of the card services offered by big centralized exchanges such as Binance with the Binance cards and others. As it now acts as an infrastructure for a high number of projects and solutions, Swipe is here to stay and with the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, there is a high chance that the demand for such services could keep growing. As a big part of the solution is centralized, the public repositories are not showing a lot of recent development activity. The token is trading on both centralized (Binance) and decentralized (Uniswap) exchanges.

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