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Code Review - 08/17/2021

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Quant Network is a pioneering technology company enabling trusted interactions between companies and their customers by using DLT technologies. The project looks to support seamless operations between protocols, blockchains, and other distributed networks through two native solutions: Overledger OS – Quant’s distributed ledger technology operating system and Overledger Network – A decentralized network that brings together various distributed ledgers from the crypto space. Quant’s Overledger is a platform that facilitates the development of decentralized, multi-chain applications, which allows you to build on the blockchain more quickly and efficiently. Overledger solves interoperability between blockchains, distributed ledger networks and existing legacy systems, enabling enterprises to innovate and build new business models.

As interoperability has been a subject of choice in recent months, Quant Network and its goal to obtain ultimate interoperability between blockchains addressing different use-cases seems like a project to track. Contrary to other blockchain networks, Quant Network is not an open-source project with patented technologies, which results in limited access to public code available. Those who want to use it have to require licensing rights. Quant Network offers its support primarily for enterprise-oriented blockchains, such as JP Morgan’s Quorum blockchain, the R3 Corda blockchain, and the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. Nevertheless, it also supports industry-leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Binance Chain, Stellar, and EOS. The token is trading on both centralized (Binance, Coinbase) and decentralized exchanges (Uniswap).

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