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Code Review - 08/24/2021

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Eden is an optional, non-consensus breaking transaction ordering protocol for Ethereum blocks, which allows network participants to guarantee placement and protection from arbitrary reordering. The system offers a transparent and fair set of rules to order transactions within each block. Eden takes a user-focused approach to the MEV problem that includes stronger incentives for all participants driven by a protocol token. Instead of sharing transactions across the network that are visible for frontrunning, users without any specialized knowledge may submit private transactions via the Eden Network in order to obtain state guarantees around any submitted transaction.

In the recent context where we’re seeing more and more malicious users taking advantage of the way Ethereum works, Eden Network protects Ethereum traders from malicious MEV and arbitrary reordering. Backed by some of the largest Ethereum mining pools, Eden creates new incentives for block producers following the implementation of EIP-1559 and redistributes miner extractable value (MEV) in a more equitable way. The results of using it are improved earnings for block producers, increased consensus-level security and protection for users from malicious MEV (frontrunning, sandwich attacks, etc.). The token is trading and available on decentralized exchanges (Dodo, Sushiswap).

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