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Code Review - 08/24/2021
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Habitat is a modular toolkit platform. Allowing communities to build their organization solutions with crowdfunded features & modules. By signaling important needs or voting on new features, Habitat grows to a self-sustained ecosystem - owned by the communities and their members. Habitat sets the infrastructure of a new base layer of cooperation and growth in the Ethereum ecosystem. The Optimistic Rollup technology enables the infrastructure to be powered with costs significantly reduced compared to the Ethereum Mainnet. The Habitat rollup is based on the optimistic rollup of nutberry. As a domain-specific (multi-app) rollup every community stays independent, with its own rules. The infrastructure can grow and adapt, based on the different signals sent by the organizations inside the Habitat.

Habitat is an interesting protocol and as decentralized governance has been an important topic since the earliest days of Ethereum and other smart contract platforms, it appears evident to see such a solution. As gas has been a real issue on Ethereum these past few months, Habitat and its use of rollups to optimize gas fees is a solution allowing to provide the same amount of security and not have to move it to a side chain or other Layer 2 technology and keep it on the main chain. The solution is still actively being developed. The token is trading on decentralized exchanges (Uniswap).

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