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Impossible Finance - $IF

Code Review - 08/24/2021

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Impossible Finance is a DeFi-native ecosystem of multi-chain products. The core vision of Impossible Finance is to nurture and accelerate top-tier blockchain projects as a product-first incubator. Central to this vision is a set of products that form an essential base for the incubator, the Impossible Launchpad and Impossible Swap. The Impossible Launchpad is a fair platform for conducting IDOs for Impossible projects. The Impossible Finance Swap builds on Uniswap V2 by adding functionality to artificially inflate the total value locked (TVL) for pools with stablecoins. Doing this reduces trade slippage, allowing users to get a better price. Meanwhile, it also allows LPs capital to be used more efficiently, and in turn nets them more LP rewards.

Impossible Finance is a combination of multiple products that we’ve been seeing in the ecosystem lately. As launchpads projects have been on the first line earlier this year and contributed a lot to the growth in the space and to the successful launch of multiple products, it is normal to see new launchpads with additional features being made. As launchpads are not that complex, it is mostly up to the projects they will incubate to determine if they will manage to be a top project or not. The token is trading and available on decentralized exchanges (Pancakeswap).

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