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Code Review - 09/22/2021

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Alchemist is a community project started with a tweet by @thegostep. There is no “dev team”. There is no company. There is only a community of alchemists figuring out what to build in the open. Behind this few words that are describing the Alchemist community are already a few projects that have launched since the start of it: Copper — a platform for open, transparent, and user-friendly token Fair Launch Auctions, powered by LBPs, Sandwiched — to check if your DEX trades have been front-run by shadowy super-coders, Crucible — to subscribe to multiple reward programs simultaneously, store tokens securely, and easily transfer your Crucible with its contents, and finally mistX — allowing its users to trade Uniswap and Sushiswap liquidity pools without the risk of front-running while taking advantage of free cancellations.

Alchemist is an interesting project as it started by first building a community and then iterated to build relevant solutions and tools for the larger community of web3 users. Since its inception earlier this year, the open source group of developers around it already produced a great amount of work, releasing a total of 4 projects, from DeFi to NFTs, which is pretty impressive. If they’re able to keep creating valuable content to the broader economy and grow their community size, there is a chance for Alchemist to become a big name in the Ethereum ecosystem, providing a suite of solutions impacting users in different areas and evolving as fast as the blockchain ecosystem is moving.

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