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Code Review - 10/05/2021

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Arcana Network is a decentralized storage layer for Ethereum, offering storage for DApps built on EVM compatible chains, such as Ethereum, Binance chain, and Polygon (Matic). But Arcana doesn’t stop at storage. To realize the privacy and data ownership benefits of decentralized storage, a suite of services is needed, which are currently not decentralized. Arcana fixes this with its Privacy Stack. Arcana’s Privacy stack offers Decentralized Storage that is endto-end encrypted, Non-custodial Key Management Services (KMS), Decentralized Identity and Access Management. Arcana’s privacy stack makes it possible to allow users to login and create accounts with email or social authentication to generate keys, store encrypted data, and securely share this data with others by allowing data owners to define access policies for who should get access, and for how long. The network takes care of managing the access and keys of users and their data, without relying on a centralized server or provider.

Arcana is a privacy centric decentralized data store providing a suite of Products aimed at allowing developers to build more secure and privacy preserving apps for their users. With privacy being a major topic in recent times in the ecosystem, Arcana is helping developers address a pressing need by building infrastructure to support developing with this privacy in mind. The project is however very early and is being developed by a single developer, which would be a hard task even for the best ones.

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