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Astar/Shiden - $ASTR & $SDN
Astar/Shiden - $ASTR & $SDN
Code Review - 10/19/2021
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Astar Network is a scalable and interoperable infrastructure for Web3.0. Since Astar Network is built with Parity’s Substrate framework, it can be a future Polkadot parachain that also acts as a scalable smart contract platform. The Polkadot Relaychain, by design, does not support smart contracts. This allows Astar the opportunity to fill in this gap. Scalability is obviously one of the most crucial demands dApp developers have.

Ideally, the developers can build whatever applications on Astar Network without having to consider its scalability. Shiden Network is a companion network of Astar, offering a smart contract layer for Kusama. Shiden supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and Layer2 solutions from day one. The platform supports various applications like DeFi, NFTs and more. So far, 2021 has been one of the most important years of the still young Polkadot ecosystem. With the start of Kusama Parachain slot auctions, the space is boiling, and the first leading projects are now clearly starting to emerge. Shiden was one of the first Parachain winners, making it one of the leaders of the space. As more and more projects are going to start building on top of the network, infrastructure type of protocols are going to be much needed and there is a lot of chance that the early one will be able to attract first protocols, gain traction and therefore become the reference. With Shiden well positioned for this type of demand, we can be hopeful for the protocol and its companion network, Astar, to become major pieces of the Polkadot ecosystem. The token for Shiden network is already available and trading on centralized exchanges (Kraken,

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