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Composable Finance - $LAYR
Composable Finance - $LAYR
Code Review - 11/20/2021
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Composable Finance is a cross-chain and cross-layer interoperability platform. It serves as a hyper-liquidity infrastructure layer for DeFi assets, powered by Layer 2 Ethereum and Polkadot. The lack of interoperability between multiple blockchains and layers creates fragmentation and disparity in the ecosystem. Developers are very restricted in what they can build with siloed infrastructures, and users are forced to navigate complicated and lengthy processes if they want to utilize multiple chains or layers. Composable Finance is working on a suite of different products to establish cross-chain and cross-layer interoperability that will reduce the barriers for DeFi developers and remove the unnecessary complexity for the users. The development roadmap Composable Finance is working with has two phases. In the first phase, they will focus on multi-layer (L2/L2) interoperability, bridging the gap between different Ethereum Layer 2 implementations and sidechains. In the second phase, they will launch their parachain, Picasso, that has been developed over several months, to enable a complete DeFi ecosystem on Polkadot. This will be accomplished through a parachain with built-in, customizable pallets for each of the key DeFi primitives as well as those more advanced secondary and tertiary features, enabling the development of seamless, interoperable dApps.

As more and more different solutions are seeing life to create and deploy dApps, between the different Layer 1s smart contract platform and now with even more Layer 2 solving scalability issues, the liquidity is getting more and more fragmented on various places making it harder for one to move funds from one place to another. As an example, some L2 solutions require you to lock up your funds for a long period of time, as safety measures, before you are able to effectively access them back on L1. This is highly inefficient and deteriorates user experience. Composable aims to address one of the major pain points most active crypto users will start facing in the near future. This is how they were able to raise a total of $7M to make this solution a reality. They already have a limited version of the solution live, allowing users to benefit from it, but they will slowly reach a wider audience as the solution evolves. Picasso, the parachain developed by Composable on Kusama, Polkadot's Canary network, was the recent winner of a crowdloan and its tokens should be emitted during the month of December.

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