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Fragcolor was born to build the ecosystem-driven decentralized gaming engine that allows anyone to develop and play games, interlink experiences, platforms and users. To create an environment that provides ownership rights to its users and the right tools to establish new forms of monetization, independent of closed systems for its creators. To do so, the project introduces the concept of “create to earn” using the Fragcolor-native NFTs called Fragments. Fragments represent any game data or code. We could compare them to traditional legacy engines Prefabs, reusable components built to allow building of bigger projects by putting some together. Fragments employ special on-chain logic to drive its usage, sharing, curation and deployment in a revolutionary decentralized asset store and game engine. In a nutshell, as opposed to traditional asset stores, game developers won’t pay a fee to include the Fragment into their own game. Instead, they will use a short staking time lock. The magic of the tech lies in the fact that when the developers include Fragments inside their own Game (which is also a Fragment), they will automatically distribute royalties to everyone that contributed directly or indirectly.

“Create to Earn”', the creator-centric Play to Earn analogy introduced by Fragcolor to describe the new economic possibilities it is building for game asset creators, is providing an alternative path of monetization. Currently, companies like Steam take 30% of profits from its game developers, Epic and Microsoft — 12%, and Roblox, according to recent research, a whopping 75%. The legacy model allows game publishers to receive recurring revenue from the games, while creators depend on salary irrespective of the success of their creations. The Fragcolor ecosystem decentralizes existing gaming studios and enables its creators to form DAOs in game creation. Creators can contribute to the games with their Fragments or assemble new ones. As its core game engine components, Fragcolor is developing the Hasten game creation and portal app, Chain Blocks programmable game engine and scripting tool, as well as the Clamor substrate protocol and peer-to-peer networking stack

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