Code Review - 05/02/2021

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Nodle claims it is the world’s largest ecosystem of connected devices, providing infrastructure, software and access to data for IOT and processing one million micropayments daily on average, giving a very high transaction volume for its Nodle token. While the app delivers on the prospect of users getting paid for providing data or services in Nodle token. Nodle has the advantage of running on equipment that users already have i.e, smart phones, but it’s limited by the range of those devices. One Helium node can cover a wide area using its longfi technology, which also has the advantage of passing easily through many materials.

Nodle currently runs on the Stellar blockchain. It’s also developing on a Polkadot substrate with plans for it to be interoperable between the two chains. Noodle token is currently not trading and the only way to acquire it is by using their mobile app - Noodle cash.

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