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How To Find A Token's Change In TM Grade Past 24 Hours
How To Find A Token's Change In TM Grade Past 24 Hours

Follow this guideline for finding a token's change in TM grade past 24 hours

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On the Token Metrics Rating page, discovering the 24-hour change in TM grade requires a specific search process. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to find the TM grade change for a token. Please note that certain requirements must be met for this information to be available.

Section 1: Requirements for Finding TM Grade Change

To search for the 24-hour change in TM grade, ensure that the token meets the following conditions:

  1. The token is listed on the Token Metrics platform (Any token that is listed on Coingecko will also be listed on our platform).

  2. The token has a TM grade (not all tokens that are listed on our platform have a TM grade).

  3. The token has a market cap rank (not all tokens listed on our platform have a market cap rank that is known).

Section 2: Sorting Tokens by Market Cap Rank

To initiate the search, begin by sorting all tokens by market cap rank in descending order. Please refer to our tutorial How To Sort Tokens By Market Cap To View TM Grades on sorting tokens by market cap to achieve this.

Section 3: Searching for the Token

Enter the name of the desired token in the search bar. Once it appears, click on the token to proceed.

Click on Celer Network (CELR)

Section 4: Noting the Market Cap Rank

Take note of the market cap rank of the selected token.

Section 5: Calculating the Page

Divide the market cap rank by 50 and round up to the nearest whole number. This will determine the page where the token is located. For example, if the market cap rank is 275, the calculation would be ⌈275 / 50⌉ = 6.

Section 6: Navigating to the Page

Navigate to the corresponding page to find the token on the Rating page. In this case, enter "6" to access the 6th page:

Type "6"

Section 7: Locating the Token

Scroll down the page until you find the token based on its market cap rank. Look for the rank that corresponds to the noted market cap rank (e.g., 275 in our example).

Section 8: Viewing the 24-Hour Change in TM Grade

Hover your mouse over the trending arrow icon associated with the token to view the 24-hour change in the TM grade. In our example, the 24-hour change is displayed as 6.92%.


By following these steps, you can easily find the 24-hour change in TM grade for a specific token on the Token Metrics Rating page. Remember to meet the necessary requirements and navigate through the pages to locate the desired token. Monitoring the TM grade change allows for better insights into the token's performance within a 24-hour timeframe.

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