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Token Details Page Tutorial
Token Details Page Tutorial

The New Token Details Page offers a completely redesigned layout of our individual coin’s Rating page.

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Token Metrics has introduced two new categories, Trader and Investor, to evaluate projects. These categories focus on different timeframes and utilize specific components to provide a comprehensive analysis. This tutorial will guide you through the Trader and Investor views, explaining their respective grades and features.

Section 1: Trader Grade

The Trader Grade is designed for shorter timeframes, such as daily and weekly horizons. It heavily relies on Token Metrics' proprietary Technical Analysis and Quantitative grades. Additionally, the Trading Signal from the Technical Analysis tab is displayed, as it closely aligns with the actions taken by a trader. The Trader view also provides access to 7-Day Price Predictions, automated Resistance/Support levels, and integration with TradingView.

Section 2: Exploring Quantitative Grade Endpoints

While in the Trader view, you can further explore the endpoints considered for the Quantitative Grade. By moving from the "Summary" tab to the "Performance Metrics" tab, you can delve deeper into the quantitative analysis.

Section 3: Investor Grade

The Investor Grade focuses on longer timeframes, such as monthly and quarterly horizons. It assigns significant weightage to Token Metrics' proprietary Fundamental, Technology, and Valuation grades. Similar to the Trader Grade, the Trading Signal from the Technical Analysis tab is displayed, reflecting the actions typically taken by an investor. The Investor view also offers access to the Scenario Analysis Matrix, which helps establish realistic price target scenarios based on the Total Crypto Market Cap and the project's market share dominance.


Token Metrics' Trader and Investor Grades cater to different investment strategies and timeframes. The Trader Grade emphasizes shorter-term trading opportunities, leveraging Technical Analysis and Quantitative grades. On the other hand, the Investor Grade is tailored for longer-term investment decisions, considering Fundamental, Technology, and Valuation grades. By utilizing these grades and exploring the additional features within each view, users can gain valuable insights to support their trading and investment strategies.

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