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Astrobot NFT Disclaimer
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Owning an Astrobot NFT provides you with lifetime access to our platform; you are also given the ability to sell your Astrobot whenever you would like.
You are in FULL custody of your Astrobot. Token Metrics has no custody of the Astrobots; their movements are entirely done by individual third parties.

  • We cannot control the price of Astrobots.

  • We cannot move your Astrobot out of your wallet.

  • We cannot help/replace your Astrobot if it's stolen from your wallet for any reason ( Most commonly being phishing scams )

  • We cannot move your Astrobot out of your wallet.

  • We cannot help if you purchase a stolen Astrobot ( We recommend looking at previous activity on the Astrobot for sale and not purchasing one which has moved wallet or been sold before 10 days of you wanting to purchase it)

  • We cannot provide refunds if you purchase an Astrobot which doesn't have your desired plan

  • We cannot provide royalty refunds for any reason

  • We cannot help if you purchase a fake Astrobot. The official Astrobot marketplace page on Opensea is listed here

    By purchasing/owning an Astrobot, you agree that you understand this disclaimer and should take security very seriously. This has been a step forward for us in moving towards Web 3.0 and we appreciate your understanding and support!

    If you have questions for us in regard to this disclaimer, please contact us at support

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