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How To Access The Discord Alpha Call
How To Access The Discord Alpha Call
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If you own an Astrobot NFT, one of the benefits you receive is access to our Tuesday Alpha calls with our CEO, Ian Balina.

In order to access this call, you must join our Discord and Verify yourself with our bot.

1. Please join our Discord with the link here.

2. Once you have joined, please read and agree that you understand the rules.

3. You will now find yourself on the landing page of our Discord.
Once you are here, please select the "Astrobot Holder >> Click here" section.

4. You will now be moved to a new channel named #collabland.join.
Once you are here, please select the "Lets go!" button

5. This screen below will show up in the chat.
Please select the "connect wallet" icon within 10 minutes and provide a signature for the READ-ONLY request.

6. Once you have completed this step, your name in our Discord will change colour and you will now be able to see "Astrobot Society" in the channels list.

7. Please scroll up on the left side of your screen to the 'Public Channels' list and select the 'Schedule Market Update' tab; you can then see detailed information about when the Alpha call will be. The time is shown in your own time zone.

8. Community members are able to ask questions to Ian Balina directly through a channel we have called ' Questions-for-ian'; this can be found in the Astrobot Society section of our Discord.

Every Tuesday on the Alpha call, Ian will go through and answer these questions, so please make sure you get your questions in before the call!

We have a support team on our Discord that handles all related Token Metrics issues.

Please select the support button on our Discord if you have any questions or issues connecting to our private channels.

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