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Chatbot Prompt Guide
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The Token Metrics AI Chatbot is a revolutionary tool designed to provide quick and intuitive access to the comprehensive data available in the Token Metrics database. It’s important to note, this is not an investment bot capable of generating novel investment strategies or offering personalized financial advice.

As an AI language model, the Chatbot's responses depend heavily on the quality and specificity of your questions. Clear, detailed queries yield the most insightful answers. For instance, ambiguous prompts like “good project” might not result in the desired output. A better approach would be, “Can you list five projects with high trader grades and under $100M market capitalizations?”

This guide provides carefully curated questions across various categories. Feel free to intermingle these questions for a comprehensive analysis. For example, you might seek market data on coins boasting a high investor grade. Let's explore how to engage our AI Chatbot for a robust view of our analytics.


Grades & Analytics

  • What are the top 10 TM Trader grades?

  • What is the best trade right now?

  • What coins have the highest price predictions?

  • Is Ethereum in a bullish cycle?

  • Which tokens have had the biggest change in 24 hour trader grade?

  • Which token has the highest TM Trader grade today?

  • Which tokens have a 70% trader grade and above?

  • What gaming tokens look promising for a short term trade


  • What is the composition of the daily index on Binance?

  • What is the composition of the weekly index on Kraken with Low cap?

  • How did the Coinbase index change today?


  • What is the current price of the 3 biggest crypto assets in terms of market cap?

  • What is the all-time high/all-time low of Solana?

  • What is the Market cap, volume, and 7 days price change of Dogecoin?

  • What is the circulating supply of Bitcoin? How far is it from its max supply?

  • What is the average number of drawdown days for DOGE?

  • What is BTC’s trading volume today?


Grades & Analytics

  • What are the next 100x tokens?

  • What are the top TM Investor grades?

  • Give me all the coins with a technology grade above 75 that have the highest fundamental grade.


  • How good is BTC in terms of liquidity?

  • Is Binance backed by a good team of investors?

  • Does Doge have a good community?

  • What is a Bitcoin Halving?

  • What is the primary purpose of Bitcoin?

  • Can you explain what Ethereum is and how it differs from Bitcoin?


  • Give me a list of the best project in terms of security

  • What is the quality score of Ethereum’s code?

  • How good are the developers behind DOGE?

  • How does a proof of stake system differ from a proof of work system in cryptocurrencies?

Below are some of the functionalities that our Chatbot is not capable of doing yet.

  • Questions related to NFT

  • Questions related to sector (Layer 1, exchange…)

  • Question related to new projects or including a time component such as latest project updates

  • Questions related to whitepaper or small project use case

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