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Indices Tutorial

This article describes the features of the Indices page.

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Token Metrics Indices are a valuable feature on our website that offers tailored portfolios created by artificial intelligence, taking into account your trading preferences, investment duration, and risk tolerance.
This article will guide you through each section of the indices page, providing a comprehensive understanding of its information.

​Index Selection Panel

The index selection panel allows you to customize your investment style. You can choose the desired investment timeframe (Trader/Investor). Some tokens and crypto investments may have higher risks than others; for instance, smaller market cap tokens and issuers and tokens with lower daily trading volume have higher risks because of lower liquidity. Risks related to specific tokens can be mitigated by diversification, which is present to varying extents in the indices.

Index Allocation

In the index allocation section, a pie chart illustrates the portfolio's asset distribution. The chart provides the percentage allocation of each asset, helping you determine your investment amount regardless of the starting capital.

Performance Chart

The performance chart allows you to compare our indices' performance against Bitcoin over a recent period. It showcases whether our indices have outperformed or underperformed Bitcoin. If you wish to view a longer time period, various options are available for selection.

Last Index Transactions

In the last index transactions section, you can view the coins held during previous rebalances of the indices. The table displays the date, value of the coins, and the number of tokens purchased in each row. If tokens were sold before the next rebalance, the table indicates the selling date. This information allows you to track the portfolio's transaction history.


Token Metrics Indices provide valuable insights to facilitate informed investment decisions. By utilizing the information presented in the index selection panel, index allocation, performance chart, index holdings, and last index transactions sections, you can comprehensively understand the portfolio and track its performance over time.

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