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  • What is the Token Metrics VIP Plan, and how does it differ from other plans?

The Token Metrics VIP Plan is an exclusive membership that provides access to unique deal flow opportunities in the crypto market. It offers features like VIP Deals Bot and Curated Deals Bot, setting it apart from other subscription plans.

  • What benefits do I get with the VIP Deals Bot and Curated Deals Bot?

The VIP Deals Bot grants you access to exclusive investment opportunities sourced from Token Metrics Ventures. The Curated Deals Bot, on the other hand, ensures a meticulous selection of opportunities through rigorous vetting, including partner curation, expert reviews, and code evaluations.

  • What is included in the Token Metrics Access for VIP members?

VIP members enjoy complete access to all Token Metrics tools, including Analytics, Indices, markets, Chatbot, and more. This comprehensive access is designed to empower users with a wealth of information for their crypto investments.

  • What is the application process for joining the Token Metrics VIP Plan?

To join the VIP Plan, interested investors need to complete the VIP Member Application Form. The form serves as the initial step in the application process, allowing Token Metrics to carefully consider each application to ensure alignment with the VIP Plan's objectives.

  • What happens after I submit the VIP Member Application Form?

After submitting the application form, Token Metrics will carefully review each application to ensure alignment with the VIP Plan's objectives. Successful applicants will receive further instructions on joining the exclusive community and accessing the VIP Plan's features.

  • Is acceptance into the VIP Plan guaranteed upon completing the application form?

While Token Metrics welcomes all applications, acceptance into the VIP Plan is not automatically guaranteed. Each application is carefully considered to ensure alignment with the VIP Plan's objectives, and selective decisions on membership may be made to maintain the community's integrity.

  • What is the minimum commitment amount per deal to join the VIP Plan?

The VIP Plan is specifically designed for investors ready to commit a minimum of $10,000 per deal. This commitment level is essential to create a community of dedicated and serious participants who can fully explore the high-growth opportunities offered by Token Metrics Ventures.

  • How can I verify my current plan subscription and join the VIP Telegram groups?

To verify your current plan subscription and join the VIP Telegram groups, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the VIP Bot Channel:

Access the VIP Bot channel on Telegram, as provided in the VIP approval and Welcome email.

2. Submit Your Token Metrics Account Email:

Once in the VIP Bot channel, input your Token Metrics account email to initiate the verification process.

3. Confirmation of Subscription:

Upon submission, the system will confirm your current plan subscription, ensuring you have the necessary credentials for VIP access.

4. Join Specified Telegram Groups:

After confirming your subscription, you will receive instructions to join the specified Telegram groups tailored for VIP members.

Click on the provided links or search for the designated groups within the Telegram app to become part of the exclusive VIP community.

5. Start Engaging:

Once you've successfully joined the VIP Telegram groups, you can begin engaging with fellow VIP members, participating in discussions, and exploring the wealth of insights shared within the community.

Remember, if you encounter any issues or have questions during this process, our support team is available 24/7 to assist you. Simply reach out to us at Welcome to the VIP experience!

  • What distinguishes Token Metrics' multi-layered approach to deal vetting?

The multi-layered approach involves partner curation, expert reviews, and in-depth code evaluations, ensuring a high standard of precision in crypto investments. This meticulous process sets Token Metrics apart in providing a secure investment environment.

  • How can I make the most of Token Metrics' tools for crypto success?

The FAQ outlines the steps to join Telegram, verify your subscription, and join the specified Telegram groups for a complete VIP experience. Additionally, members can utilize Token Metrics tools such as Analytics and Indices for comprehensive market insights.

  • Is there round-the-clock support available for VIP Plan members?

Yes, the Token Metrics team is committed to providing support around the clock. For any questions or assistance, members can reach out to the support team at

  • Can I use Token Metrics VIP Plan for multiple crypto investments?

Yes, the VIP Plan is designed to cater to various crypto investments. The exclusive features and tools provided can be utilized to enhance the success of multiple investment strategies.

  • What advanced possibilities can I explore with Token Metrics VIP Plan?

The VIP Plan opens doors to a world of advanced possibilities in crypto investments. Members can leverage exclusive deal flow opportunities, comprehensive research tools, and expert evaluations to elevate their crypto investment journey. Welcome to a world where your VIP adventure awaits!

  • How are projects selected for inclusion in the Token Metrics VIP Plan, and what criteria are considered?

Projects in the VIP Plan are carefully selected by Token Metrics Ventures based on their potential for significant growth. The criteria for selection include rigorous analysis, market understanding, and a focus on high-growth prospects.

  • How does access to the VIP Telegram Group benefit VIP Plan members?

VIP Plan members can engage in the VIP Telegram Group, providing a platform for networking with seasoned investors and industry experts. This group serves as a valuable resource for strategic insights and meaningful discussions about potential investments.

  • How can the Token Metrics VIP Plan enhance my investment portfolio?

The VIP Plan offers privileged entry to high-growth projects, curated deal selections, and access to a network of seasoned investors. These features are designed to enhance your investment portfolio by providing exclusive opportunities and strategic insights.

  • Can I contact Token Metrics for more information before applying for the VIP Plan?

Absolutely! If you have any questions or need more information before applying for the VIP Plan, you can contact Token Metrics through the provided support channels or reach out to the team at They are available to assist you in making an informed decision about joining the VIP Plan.

  • What is Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) participation, and how does it enhance my VIP benefits?

SPV participation is a unique avenue for investment offered as part of your VIP benefits. It allows you to invest in projects through a Special Purpose Vehicle, providing a distinct approach to diversifying your portfolio.

  • How is the carry applied in SPV participation, and what does it entail?

In SPV participation, 25% of the carry is applied towards the distribution amount, encompassing not just profits but the overall distribution. This amount is payable to Token Metrics (TM) as the SPV lead, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

  • Why is KYC verification with GCRx via Coinlist crucial for SPV participation?

Completing your KYC verification through Coinlist as part of the onboarding process with GCRx is crucial for seamless SPV participation. This step ensures compliance and allows you to participate in SPVs without delays, enhancing your overall investment experience.

  • What steps do I need to take for KYC Onboarding with GCRx via Coinlist?

To engage in SPVs, complete your KYC verification through Coinlist as part of your onboarding with GCRx. Follow the provided instructions to ensure a smooth process and to position yourself optimally for upcoming investment opportunities.

  • Why is it important to complete the KYC verification promptly?

Completing the KYC verification promptly is crucial to avoid missing out on upcoming investment opportunities. Timely completion ensures that you are ready to take full advantage of the exclusive offerings provided through SPV opportunities.

  • How are token distributions managed within the SPV, and who is the partner handling this process?

Token distributions within the SPV are efficiently managed through our partner, GCRx. Tokens are automatically issued as they vest, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for investors engaged in SPV opportunities.

  • Is participation in the SPV mandatory for VIP members, or is it optional?

Participation in the SPV is entirely optional for VIP members. While it offers a unique investment avenue, investors who prefer direct engagement with projects can still reach out using the provided deck. This flexibility allows you to customize your investment strategy based on your goals.

  • How can I reach out to projects directly if I prefer not to participate in the SPV?

If you prefer direct engagement with projects rather than participating in the SPV, you can reach out to them using the provided deck. This provides you with the flexibility to customize your investment strategy according to your preferences and goals.

  • What advantages do SPVs offer in terms of portfolio diversification and investment strategy?

SPVs offer advantages in terms of portfolio diversification by providing a unique approach to investment. By participating in SPVs, you can diversify your portfolio strategically, enhancing your overall investment strategy aligned with your financial goals.

  • How can I stay informed about upcoming SPV opportunities and relevant updates?

To stay informed about upcoming SPV opportunities and receive relevant updates, regularly check the communication channels provided by Token Metrics. These channels may include emails, notifications within the platform, and announcements in the VIP Telegram groups.

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