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Token Metrics AI Airdrop FAQ
Token Metrics AI Airdrop FAQ
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Q: Is the Token available yet?
A: No, the Token has yet to be launched. Stay vigilant against any frauds.

Q: What will the token's name be when it is released?
A: This information is not yet public.

Q: How can I qualify for different Airdrop Tiers?
A: First, you will need to join our Discord by clicking here. Once you have joined, participation and active engagement in our community are key, and you will be given the roles starting from Tier 1.

Q: Can a moderator give me Airdrop Tiers?
A: No moderator will be able to give you airdrop tiers; you will need to participate to achieve these roles.

Q: What does it take to earn the OG role?
A: The OG role is awarded to those who are notably helpful within our community. Some may have been early contributors to our Discord. Keep posting, be helpful, and provide value to our community, and you may be given this role.

Q: How can I acquire the Astronomer role?
A: The Astronomer role is an exclusive status for our most dedicated and supportive community members on Discord. Attaining the OG status is a prerequisite; currently, only a select few have become Astronomers.

Q: A moderator is contacting me directly on Discord. Is this legitimate?
A: No, Token Metrics staff will never DM you in Discord.

Q: Will higher-tier Astrobots get more rewards?

A: Yes, they will.

Q: When is the Snapshot of the Astrobot NFTs?

A: The snapshot hasn’t been taken; we will provide updates in the future when this has been completed.

Q: How many phases are there?
A: The airdrop consists of 4 separate phases.

Q: What is the allocation of the airdrop phases?
A: This information is not yet public

Q: What separates the other phases?
The first phase is Analytics, the Second is Data-API, the Third is AI Chatbot, and the fourth is the trading bot

Q: How many rounds are there?
A: We are currently in the first round, with a possibility for more rounds to come

If you have any further questions, please contact us at support!

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