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Unlocking the Future: What’s New in Token Metrics V3
Unlocking the Future: What’s New in Token Metrics V3

What's new changing from V2 to V3

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The latest release of Token Metrics, Version 3, introduces a host of powerful enhancements designed to elevate your crypto trading and investment experience. Here’s a detailed look at the improvements and new features you can expect in Token Metrics V3 compared to V2.

Market Analysis

  • Deep Data for Top Performers: Token Metrics V3 provides comprehensive signals and statistics on the best-performing cryptocurrencies, helping you make informed decisions. With data and insights on over 4,000 cryptocurrencies, you’ll have unparalleled access to market intelligence.

  • Bullish & Bearish Token Change: Stay ahead of the curve with insights on tokens that have recently turned bullish or bearish. This feature offers real-time signal insights, allowing you to react quickly to market changes.

  • Signature Grades: Enhanced with more AI data point parameters, Signature Grades now offer higher accuracy and reliability, giving you a more precise evaluation of your investments.

  • Market Sentiment Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of market moods and trends with advanced sentiment analysis tools, helping you navigate the crypto space with confidence.

Ratings Enhancements

  • TM Investor Grades: Our investor grades are now calculated using over 150 AI data points, providing a more robust evaluation of your investments. This enhancement ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your portfolio’s performance.

  • TM Trader Grade: Benefit from AI-driven analysis of over 30 data points to improve your trading strategies. TM Trader Grade offers precise guidance on when to buy and sell, ensuring you never miss a profitable opportunity.

  • Real-Time Trading Signals: Receive precise real-time trading signals to guide your buy and sell decisions, expanding your trading and investment options.

  • More Tokens: With tracking of over 4,000 tokens, Token Metrics V3 offers an expanded array of trading and investment opportunities, ensuring you have access to the broadest market insights.

Indices Features

  • Preset Trading Strategies: Utilize ready-made trading strategies for copy trading, simplifying your trading process and making it easier for you to implement successful strategies.

  • Track Historical Performance: Monitor past performance and live ROI to make better-informed investment decisions. This feature helps you analyze historical data to predict future trends.

  • Sector Analysis: Explore trends and opportunities within specific crypto sectors, identifying potential growth areas. Sector analysis provides insights into different market segments, enabling strategic investment decisions.

  • ROI Analysis Tools: Easily assess potential returns with ROI analysis tools, helping you make strategic investment choices based on potential profitability.

AI Chatbot Improvements

  • Faster Response Time: Enjoy rapid and reliable guidance from our AI chatbot, ensuring you get the information you need quickly. Powered by GPT-4, the AI chatbot is trained on the Token Metrics database, making it versatile, knowledgeable, and fast.

  • Web Search Integration: Benefit from live web search and summary results, keeping you updated with the latest market news and trends. This integration ensures you stay informed about the latest developments in the crypto world.

  • TM Research Integration: Access recommendations and insights from our expert research team directly through the chatbot. This feature provides you with expert analysis and advice at your fingertips.

  • More AI Datapoints: Our chatbot now includes over 50 AI parameters, covering social media, code, and holding/liquidity data for more comprehensive analysis. These additional data points provide deeper insights into market trends and sentiments.

Upcoming Features: Token Details

  • Fundraising and Investors: Soon, you’ll be able to discover the investors backing your favorite crypto projects, providing valuable insights into their credibility and potential.

  • Deep Social Insight: Our platform will offer sentiment analysis on over 4,000 cryptocurrencies, helping you gauge public perception and market sentiment.

  • Whales and Holders: Gain insights into whale and holding breakdowns, understanding the distribution and potential impact on prices. This feature will provide detailed information on large holders and their market influence.

  • Code Analysis Scores: Assess the technical capabilities of crypto projects with detailed code analysis scores. This feature will allow you to evaluate the technical strength of various projects, ensuring you make informed investment decisions.

Final Conclusion: With these enhancements, Token Metrics V3 is set to transform your crypto trading and investment experience. Stay tuned for more updates and features that will help you stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

For more detailed information on these updates and to explore the new features, visit the Token Metrics website.

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