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Joining Private Telegram Groups
Joining Private Telegram Groups

How to access exclusive Telegram groups for our customers.

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Did you know that Token Metrics has private Telegram groups for every plan?

That's right! We have groups for our basic, advanced, and premium plan subscribers.

Step 1. Searching for the CORRECT Token Metrics Bot
Open your Telegram and type in @Token_Metrics_Bot
Please be aware that the correct bot is the one with the Token Metrics logo.

Step 2. Starting the bot
Once you've searched for the Token Metrics Bot in Telegram, you will see this screen.

From here, we are going to click Start to begin the process of joining the Telegram group.

Step 3. Joining the groups
Click Join Groups at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Verifying your email

Enter the email associated with your Token Metrics account.

This will send a code to your email that you must enter in step 4.

Step 5. Entering the code and joining the groups

Once you have received the email and shared the code with the bot, you will receive the links to join the groups that correspond to your plan. Please click them to join!

We hope you enjoy being in the Telegram groups with the rest of the Token Metrics community!

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