Token Metrics TV Shows (TMTV)

  • The Market Update - Bill Noble - Chief Technical Analyst

    • Monday - Friday | 12 pm EST/4 pm UTC

    • The Live Market Update provides insights and price predictions for cryptos big and small. If you want to know what's going to happen next, tune in to hear it from Bill. Watch Sneak Peek

  • Hidden Gems - Michael Hilton - Investment Analyst

    • Thursday | 6 pm EST/10 pm UTC

    • Michael translates our in-depth analysis on hundreds of projects into investing wisdom on a weekly basis. Watch Sneak Peek

  • Moon Mission - Ian Balina - Founder and CEO of Token Metrics

    • Tuesday | 12 pm EST/4 pm UTC

    • Tune in to Token Metrics founder and CEO Ian Balina as he shares his best crypto investing strategies -- you too can take your portfolio to the moon and beyond. Watch Sneak Peek

  • NFT Gems - Jakob Koch-Gallup & Chase Allred - Market Analysts

    • Tuesday | 6 pm EST/10 pm UTC

    • Market analysts Jacob and Chase cover emerging NFT projects with hidden potential.

  • Quant Insights - Jad Hajali - Quantitative Analyst

    • Wednesday | 6 pm EST/10 pm UTC

    • Learn from resident quant expert Jad about how to use data-driven methods to build crypto portfolios, improve investment strategies, and manage risk.

  • 100x Show - Mehdi Farooq - Senior Investment Analyst

    • This show features in-depth technology reviews with prominent figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces. Get a front-row seat to one-on-one talks with exceptional people working on big ideas.

  • Crypto Roundup - Daniel Elfving - Customer Success Associate

    • Saturday | 6 pm EST/10 pm UTC

    • The crypto news cycle moves at lightning speed, so don't get left behind! Tune in to Crypto Roundup to watch Daniel short signal some noise to you. Watch Sneak Peek

  • Crypto Deep Dive - Mehdi Farooq - Senior Investment Analyst

    • In this show, Mehdi conducts an in-depth analysis of altcoins, which have 10x potential or more. He does a deep dive on project valuation, token economics, industry trends, competition, risks and also shares his investment thesis. Get a front-row seat to see altcoin deep dive in action and take your investment returns to the moon.

  • Special Live Events

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TMTV: Free (Included in all plans)

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