My crypto investors use sites such as Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap to view token prices live as we have on the Token Metrics live page. This tutorial will show you how you can have the same layout by viewing these tokens sorted by market cap in descending order with the addition of showing the TM grades:

1. We will first go to the Token Metrics Rating page to achieve this:

Click on RATINGS

2. Click on the upper triangle next to Mcap Rank:

If you don't see it initially, you may need to widen your screen to view it

3. You can now view the TM grades sorted out by market cap as you can see here:

Now you know how to do this, you will be able to use this method described above to search for tokens to see what the change of TM grade is for a particular token in the past 24 hours. View this article to learn more on how to do this:

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