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How To Sort Tokens By Market Cap To View TM Grades
How To Sort Tokens By Market Cap To View TM Grades

Follow this guideline for viewing all the TM grades for tokens that are sorted by market cap instead of TM grade in descending order

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To access live token prices along with TM grades on Token Metrics, users often rely on platforms like Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap. This tutorial will guide you through the process of viewing tokens sorted by market cap in descending order while also displaying their TM grades. By following these steps, you can have a similar layout to these popular sites on the Token Metrics platform.

Section 1: Accessing the Token Metrics Rating Page

To begin, navigate to the Token Metrics Rating page, which is where you can find comprehensive information about tokens.


Section 2: Sorting Tokens by Market Cap

Locate the upper triangle icon next to the "Mcap Rank" column. Click on it to sort the tokens based on their market cap rank. Note that you may need to adjust your screen width to ensure visibility of the sorting icon.

Section 3: Viewing TM Grades

Once you click on the sorting icon, the tokens will be arranged in descending order based on their market cap. Now, you can view the corresponding TM grades for each token. This layout provides you with a comprehensive overview of tokens, including their market cap ranks and TM grades.

Section 4: Finding a Token's Change in TM Grade

By following the above steps, you have gained the ability to search for specific tokens and analyze their TM grade changes over the past 24 hours. For a detailed guide on how to do this, refer to the article titled "How To Find A Token's Change In TM Grade Past 24 Hours."


By sorting tokens by market cap and viewing TM grades on the Token Metrics Rating page, users can access live token prices while also benefiting from the insights provided by TM grades. This method offers a similar layout to popular platforms like Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient token analysis experience. With the ability to track TM grade changes over time, investors can make informed decisions based on the latest information available on the Token Metrics platform.

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