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Benefits Of Owning An Astrobot NFT
Benefits Of Owning An Astrobot NFT
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Astrobot Society is our first-ever NFT project that we created, which has been a step forward for us in moving towards Web 3.0 and further providing value to our customers.

Here is a list of benefits you gain by owning an Astrobot.

- Lifetime Token Metrics access with the plan of your choice.
- The ability to sell your Astrobot NFT at any time you wish.
- An exclusive weekly webinar with our CEO Ian Balina that includes Q&As.
- Access to Ian's private Alpha section in our Discord, including his Trading Template.

- Access to Private channels in our Discord where you can interact with other members.

- Giveaways that can only be accessed by owning an Astrobot.

- Future collaboration opportunities, which can range from Whitelists to partnerships.

- The ability to purchase our discontinued VIP plan with direct access to Ian Balina.

Please make sure you understand our NFT Disclaimer before purchasing an Astrobot.
Please click the button below to read this Disclaimer.

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