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How To Create A Metamask Wallet
How To Create A Metamask Wallet
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Metamask step-by-step account creation guide:

Step 1. Download Metamask.

You can also use this on mobile, but for this guide, we'll be using a computer.

Step 2. Click get started.

Step 3. Click the ‘create a wallet’ option.

In the future, if you lose access to your Metamask wallet, you will click the “import wallet” option.

Step 4. Create your password.

Longer passwords that you have not used before are recommended.

Step 5. Watch the video about your secret recovery phrase, then click next.

Step 6. Write down your recovery phrase.


Step 7. Enter your recovery phrase in the correct order.

Step 8. You have created your Metamask wallet!

Extra tip:

Anyone claiming to be ‘Metamask support’ on Twitter, email, or any other social platform is trying to scam you. Never give your seed phrase to anyone.

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