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How To Purchase An Astrobot NFT
How To Purchase An Astrobot NFT
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Astrobot Society is our own NFT project we created in order for us to make the step into Web 3.0 as well as provide more value for our customers!

This article will explain how to purchase an Astrobot NFT with your desired plan.

It's very important for you to read our NFT Disclaimer before making this purchase; please click the button below before we get started.

Step 1.
Ensure you have a wallet installed in your browser; we recommend using Metamask. The link to Metamask can be found here

Step 2.
Access the NFT marketplace 'Opensea' by clicking here

Step 3.
Select the profile button at the top right of your screen.

Step 4.
Select the relevant wallet option, we will be using Metamask for this example.

Step 5.
Accept and provide a signature on the read-only request.

Step 6.
Navigate to the official Astrobot Society NFT page, this can be found here.

Step 7.
Select the Plan option, this will allow you to choose which plan Astrobot you would like.

Step 8.
Select the type of plan you are looking for, in this example, we will be looking at Advanced Astrobots. We will select the cheapest one.

Step 9.
Once you have selected the Astrobot of your liking, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the Event Section.

Please DO NOT PURCHASE any NFTs that have been sold or moved wallets before 10 DAYS of you wanting to purchase it. This way it cannot be reported as Stolen.

This Astrobot has moved wallets 4 months ago, so this Astrobot we are able to purchase this without worrying about it being stolen.

Step 10.
Scroll back up to the top of the page and either click 'add to cart' or 'buy now'
You will need to have the displayed amount of ETH in your wallet as well as some extra ETH for the gas fee.

Step 11.
Select the Metamask option and complete your purchase!

You have now purchased an Astrobot NFT!

To maximise the benefits you receive from your Astrobot, please follow the article below to access our private channels in our Discord.

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